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So Loan network is your reliable money source in securing financing for the purchase or refinance of your home. With billions in closed loans, We have the strength and stability that is proven in the market place. We are well respected in our industry and our staff has over years of mortgage experience.

Our Philosophy: "A Personal Approach to Lending"

Appointments according to your schedule, not ours. The majority of our face to face appointments are in our clients' homes. We believe that we earn your business, unlike most institutions that make it seem like it is a privilege to allow you to do business with them. We continue this level of service to all of our Internet applications as well. Try us and see the difference!

Why Use Our Services?

SoLoan network can use its resources to tailor a loan to your needs. Individual lenders typically have narrow range of products and often have to "shoehorn" the customer to fit their own guidelines. Our company, however, represents many different lenders and hundreds of loan products. This allows us to fit the loan to your needs, not the other way around.

With the ability to represent many different lenders, your loan package can be presented to any number of them at the same time, saving you from having to travel to each one individually. This can often save weeks, especially on loans that are seen as more difficult to close or purchases that need a commitment letter now. Instead of the customer waiting on one lender to decide, getting turned down, and then having to go to another, we can package the loan to meet your requirements to the lenders that we know have knowledge in you particular situation. That's the benefit of experience working for you.

The ability to work with lenders nationwide is a major advantage. While many local banks can only offer products based on the amount of their deposits, we have lenders that, because of their size and the volume of loans, can afford to be much more aggressive in their loan pricing and underwriting. Has your bank ever tried to sell you an adjustable rate or a balloon even though you have perfect credit? That lessens their exposure and increases their profit at the same time. We have access to wholesale lenders that take this risk all the time.

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